business | 11.29.2018

Available Jobs in the Cannabis Industry

Adrian Daniel Schramm


The cannabis industry is on the rise. Sales are booming, public opinion is changing, and lots of people are getting hired.

The marijuana industry breaks down into a few major areas:



Infused products

Accessory services - accounting, software development, sales, etc.

Each of these encompasses a number of different positions and jobs, but we’ll only get into the details of a few; the most present and visible jobs; the top available jobs in the cannabis industry.

Available Jobs in the Cannabis Industry


We’ll start with the easiest area to get into: harvesting. Harvesting marijuana includes of number of tasks that are similar to most farm work, i.e. planting, watering and so forth in addition to trimming and packaging the finished product. Someone who comes in as a plant trimmer or packager and works hard can hope for a promotion in 6 to 12 months, which is a lot faster than in other more developed industries.

Extract Chemist

THC and CBD extracts are becoming some of the highest selling products on the market - but making them is no easy task. You need an advanced knowledge of biochemistry (usually a college degree) and extreme attention to detail. When it comes to concentrates, the slightest variables can alter the makeup of the final product. This is certainly one of the more technical but higher paying jobs in the industry.


A budtender is exactly what it sounds like: A bartender, but for weed instead of drinks at the club. This interesting profession is increasingly necessary in a world where people have no idea about the products that they are buying. What the difference is between an indica and a sativa, how many milligrams of THC does an edible contain, and what’s the most that one can legally purchase at a dispensary are all questions that a budtender needs to know the answer to.

Compliance officer

One of the toughest hurdles for a cannabis start-up is compliance with state and federal laws. Individuals who work in compliance are responsible for keeping the company within the legal bounds of operation at all times. They must be well-versed in all state laws and regulations in order to guide and ensure safe and compliant operations.

To learn more about this side of the business, check out our video with attorney Edward Culhane here: Will California Regulations Lead to a Mass Extinction Event?

Get your slice of the proverbial pie

According to CBS News, the United States is set to add 80,000 new jobs in the cannabis industry over the next few years. The cannabis industry even has its very own hiring platform called Vangsters - check it out at to find more job posting and available ways to get into one of the fastest growing industries in America.

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