business | 08.02.2018

Lagunitas Brewing Co. now makes THC-infused sparkling water, and we couldn’t be happier

Adrian Daniel Schramm


Lagunitas Brewing Co. has made a name for itself as a boundary-pushing beer company.

And while we all love their brews, diversification is also important. With this in mind, the California-based brewer recently unveiled its latest creation: Hi-Fi Hops, which is described as an “IPA-inspired, THC and/or CBD-infused sparkling water.”

Yes, water. Sparkling water. Move over, LaCroix.

Though, anyone who knows the company’s story knows that a THC-infused beverage isn’t much of a surprise for Lagunitas: Company founder Tony Magee is famous for his cannabis use, as well as impressively-wild parties thrown in conjunction with his beer.

Plus, as Lagunitas is now owned outright by Heineken, the biggest beer brand based in cannabis-capital-of-the-world Amsterdam, it kind of makes sense anyway.

A match made in heaven

Hi-Fi Hops was produced through a partnership with CannaCraft, a company that, if you couldn’t have guessed by the name, specializes in cannabis-based products.

Lagunitas produces the IPA-inspired sparkling water, and then sends it over to CannaCraft for the THC-infusion process. The CannaCraft method dispersed throughout the beverage to ensure the that the beverage remains highly delicious.

AbsoluteXtracts, one of CannaCraft’s subsidiary brands, is ultimately responsible for the THC process. Here’s how it works: The cannabis flavor is removed through an extraction and emulsification process that allows a flavor more akin to hops to come through – and ensures it won’t taste like bong water. The process then spreads the brighter, IPA-like flavor through the entire can so that at no point does the drinker get a less-than-desirable sip.

The name Hi-Fi Hops, according the Lagunitas website, is not simply a play on the high you’ll get from drinking THC. Nor is it a reflection of their love for great sound. Hi-Fi stands for the high-fidelity hop flavor achieved without the fermentation process of alcohol.

As it is 100% non-alcoholic.

The beverage also contains zero calories.

Now available in California dispensaries in 12oz cans, Hi-Fi Hops Two comes in two different types: A milder version in the white can which only contains 5 milligrams of THC and 5 milligrams of CBD (CBD has therapeutic effects of cannabis, but none of the intoxicating effects found in THC). The purple version holds 10 milligrams of THC for the full-on high-fi experience.

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