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CBD Tinctures: All of your questions answered

Adrian Daniel Schramm


People have a lot of questions about CBD. If it’s legal, how to take it, and what health benefits it can produce are often among them.

CBD tinctures are the most popular way of taking CBD and, luckily, it’s legal in most states regardless of marijuana’s legal status. If you don’t know anything about CBD check out our other articles on where you can learn about the uses for CBD oil as well as the difference between CBD and THC.

Jumping right in, let’s first make sure that we know what a tincture is.

What is a tincture?

A tincture is an herbal extract contained within an alcohol-based solution. Don’t worry though, the amount of alcohol in a single dose of CBD oil is just a few drops of liquor -- in other words, you won’t feel the alcohol at all.

Note that CBD tinctures and CBD oil are the same thing and we use them interchangeably.

Advantages of alcohol-based tinctures

Alcohol serves a few purposes when it comes to herb extracts:


In plant form, CBD has a shelf life of a few months (at best). But when extracted into an alcohol-based solution the shelf life is roughly two years.


The alcohol concentration intensifies the herb's effects, meaning that less CBD is needed to achieve the same result. This is because alcohol-based extracts expedite the absorption of CBD into the body. This is especially true if you take it sublingually (right under your tongue).

Dose regulation

When CBD is extracted into a tincture you know exactly how many milligrams of the drug is contained within a single dropper. Smoking introduces a lot more variables to the equation of how much CBD is actually in your system.


You can smoke strains of marijuana that contain a high percentage of CBD and achieve the same result as a tincture, but really, why would you? Personally, I enjoy the act of smoking but when it comes to CBD I use a tincture and there aren’t many reasons not to.

Everyone’s body will digest and utilize CBD differently so you’ll have to find your optimal dose through trial and error.

That said, how much you weigh is a good place to start. The following is an estimation and your optimal dose will depend on many factors. This is an example recommendation for a 200lb man:

  1. Take 10 mg
    1. Feel too drowsy? Take 5 mg tomorrow.
    2. Feel nothing? Take 20 mg tomorrow.
  2. Repeat until you find your optimal dose.

(If you’re a 100lb female, simply cut those numbers in half.)

If you’re interested in CBD tinctures, the best thing to do is purchase a bottle online. Start with a small dose, and adjust as necessary. Maybe it will do nothing for you, maybe you’ll think it’s the best thing since sliced bread. Either way, you won't know unless you try it for yourself.

**Please note: We are not doctors nor do we pretend to be. Use this information at your own discretion or under a doctor’s supervision.

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