health | 11.19.2018

Male enhancement + cannabis = One heck of a good time

Sam Anthony


Viagra made a lot of noise when it hit the market, selling roughly $1 bilion worth of product in its first year. There have a been a few competitors, like, say, Cialis but they are essentially the same drug with a few things tweaked to be different.

Now, CannaMojo, the first THC-infused male enhancement product of its kind, is entirely different.

So, what is it?

CannaMojo is a combination of the natural male enhancement supplement HardMojo and 10mg of THC distillate. Hard Mojo contains relatively common ingredients for non-pharmaceutical male enhancement products like maca root and ginseng along with a host of other herbal extracts.

Who is it for?

Zach Harris of Merry Jane interviewed CEO Ted Naylon about his new product and this what he had to say about why someone would use CannaMojo: “People definitely buy the HardMojo product as an all-natural substitute for Viagra or Cialis, but with CannaMojo, we are trying to position it towards a party vibe instead of an older crowd.”

He went on to say that if you’re having performance problems in the bedroom then it may help but at a whopping $10 per dose it isn’t intended to be taken very often. “CannaMojo is more for the party, so that if you’ve maybe been going too hard you can still please your partner,” added Naylon about exactly who the product is designed for. "CannaMojo isn't a cure for Erectile Dysfunction. It's a party pill designed to turn the average player into an All-Star."

What does it do?

THC is already supposedly an aphrodisiac and when paired with the virility enhancing properties of HardMojo the effect of the combination is greater than either taken separately.

Naylon was asked about whether similar side effects occurred in his product as are warned against in Viagra commercials. Things like, “if you have an erection lasting longer than 4 hours, contact your doctor.” Naylon explained, amid laughter, that this isn’t that kind of product. CannaMojo isn’t a pharmaceutical grade instant boner pill. It simply gives the user more sexual desire, a little more blood flow to the intended area, and as an added bonus, makes you high.

CannaMojo claims to increase longevity & rigidity by increasing blood flow to the phallic region. People that use it say that it works because of aphrodisiacs like Maca & Ginseng and that the 10 MGs of THC heightens arousal and creates a mind-blowing sexual experience.

Where can you get it?

CannaMojo is currently only sold in select dispensaries in Colorado. You can’t purchase it online (even in Colorado) because marijuana is still illegal at the federal level.

Here are a few places you may find it:

Rocky Mountain High - Durango, CO

LaConte’s Clone Bar and Dispensary - Denver, CO

Reefer Madness - Denver, CO

The Herbal Cure - Denver, CO

CannaMojo has big plans of expanding into hundreds of dispensaries across Colorado and pushing into California as well so be on the lookout at your local pot shop.

Should I try it?

Truthfully, at first glance, CannaMojo looks pretty gimmicky. But it could be a lot of fun. Maybe pop one when you and the girlfriend are going to be drinking to excess, but you still want to take her home and give her the romp of her life.

Worst case scenario, it’s an expensive way to get high, best case scenario you turn into a weed-fueled sex god. 

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