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Cannabis News Update Roundup, 9/17 - 9/23

Adrian Daniel Schramm


Catch up on our CNU originals from the past week:

We’re looking a little closer at the dispensaries worth visiting around the country. Visit California, Washington, Oregon, Nevada, Colorado, and Alaska for our top picks and sure bets for finding top-quality cannabis, and cannabis products, when you’re in town.

Looking for a new way to smoke? Vape pens are all the rage. And, as we know from our in-depth look at the link between Cannabis and Lung Health, it might be the better way to go. We rounded up the best CBD vape pens for you to help cut through all the bad smoke and vape only the best. Check out our article here: The 5 CBD Vape Pens We Love at CNU.

It’s election time! These are the 7 Important Cannabis Narratives In The 2018 Midterm Elections.

Flying high. But not in the way you think: One cannabis company, Tilray, is now worth more than American Airlines.

Changes in South Africa? Looks that way. Cannabis has been approved for private use and cultivation in the country.

· The approval comes as a unanimous decision from South Africa’s Constitutional Court.

· Hopeful activists believe broad legalization across the country could be coming next.

· Read the whole story here: Top South African court Oks private use of cannabis.

First time user? Nothing to be worried about. This article from VICE has you covered every step of the way: How to Smoke Weed, for People Who Have Never Smoked Weed.

And, for those just curious about the industry’s past, present, and future, there is now a Marijuana Museum in Las Vegas.

Edibles have become an increasingly common way to ingest cannabis. So much so that Arizona is getting the first official medical cannabis kitchen.

· The Mint Dispensary will open in Tempe this October.

· Dedicated to “revolutionizing the edible experience” the kitchen will produce fresh cooked meals that happen to contain THC.

· Read on: First U.S. medicinal marijuana kitchen to open in Tempe.

And follow up with this article for more edible cannabis news: Cooking With Cannabis Growing In Popularity.

Cannabis will soon be legal in Canada. But that doesn’t mean it’s going to be easy: Canada: In a month, pot will be legal. But the list of rules has never been longer.

Though, we can still learn a lot from their example, as we discuss in our CNU original article Canada’s Can-Do Attitude Shapes Medical Marijuana Policy.

Respect! Whoopi Goldberg, who has her own CBD company, explains How women benefit from legal access to cannabis products.

Want to learn more about her company, and other women bursting through the glass ceiling in the cannabis industry? We wrote about it here: 5 Women-Owned Businesses Taking Cannabis To A Higher Level.

Hollyweed: More than just celebrity cannabis legends Willie Nelson and Snoop Dogg are coming out in support of cannabis.

· Celebrities across all industries are investing in dispensaries and cannabis brands.

· This is helping to destigmatize cannabis across the country.

· Read more: Celebrities Increasingly Coming Out, Getting Into Cannabis.

Celebrities are supporting vocally as well: Kristen Bell Opens Up About Weekly Cannabis Use and Exploring Other Drugs.

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