lifestyle | 11.27.2018

Cannabis-raised pork is as delicious as it sounds

Brady Lambert


If you think that I’m about to talk about the possibility that pigs raised with weed in their diet are happier and taste better than other pigs, you are absolutely right.

Cannabis-raised pork

Seattle butcher William Von Schneidau was looking for a cheap way to feed the pigs on his small family farm when he stumbled upon unused marijuana leaves from medical operations. According to Schneidau, pigs will eat most anything and they seem to like the weed in their feed. Schneidau feeds his pigs marijuana as part of their regular diet to not only increase their fiber intake, but also inject the meat with a unique savory flavor and cut down on waste.

I know you have questions. We'll do our best to answer them here.

Does eating cannabis-raised pork make you high?

Unfortunately, no. We aren’t sure what percentage of THC is actually being transferred to the meat but cooking would destroy the effects of any THC that might be in it.

Do pigs get high when they eat weed?

According to Schneidau, pigs will eat anything and then go to sleep, so he has no idea whether they are getting high but he does know that they aren’t acting any different. He did mention, though, that they seem to eat more when their feed has marijuana in it. His pigs might have the munchies!

Are pigs that have cannabis in their diet happier?

As far as the pig’s digestive system is concerned eating pot leaves is the same as eating any other leaves. It’s essentially adding a salad to their diet which makes their digestive system run better and leads to a healthier pig. Are pigs that eat pot happier than pigs that eat corn and soy and get injected with hormones and antibiotics? Absolutely.

Putting the pot in potbelly pig: Currently, there aren’t many places that you can get cannabis fed pork. Schneidau’s variety flew off the shelves at pike place market in Seattle but it isn’t the only place you can get it.

Even better news is that Colorado will be conducting studies on the viability of all manner of livestock getting hemp added to their diet so look for it become a thing in the near future.

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