lifestyle | 11.26.2018

It's easy to grow cannabis at home. Here's how you do it.

Sam Anthony


I’m sure many of you secretly plotted to grow weed in your parent's basement at one point or another. And I’m sure, probably for the best, that 99% of you didn’t end up doing it. If you’re still interested in how to easily grow cannabis at home, here’s how it’s done.

Start outside if you can

Although indoor grow operations can produce pretty amazing plants, they are more expensive and a lot easier to screw up. If you have a little backyard, a porch, or even just a ledge next to a window then you can start growing your own weed with little startup costs.

Grow location considerations:

Moderate temperature:  Between 55° and 86° is optimal. The plant won’t grow outside of this range. Sustained temperatures outside this range could kill it. No heavy rain:You’ll want to be able to provide a consistent supply of water to your plant but too much and it could develop a fungal disease because of soggy roots.No heavy wind: A light breeze is good for the plant but constant gusting will cause wind burns. 5-6 hours of direct sunlight per day. Ideally around midday when the sun is right overhead. Privacy and security: It’s best to keep the plant as discrete as possible to deter nosy neighbors or thieves. Keep in mind that well cared for outdoor cannabis plants can reach 15 feet, although most don’t.


The most important thing when it comes to growing anything is the soil. Soil is the lifeblood of plants. It is the medium in which they grow and bad soil yields bad plants. If you’ve been growing other things in your garden with success then you can probably pop that marijuana plant right in there and it will start growing. Otherwise, you need to purchase good, organic soil.

What about fertilizer?

The other consideration with pot plants is that they need a lot of food over their lifecycle but in varying amounts. Long release fertilizers like Miracle Grow don’t work because they cause the plant to get too much nitrogen during flowering. If you want to use synthetic fertilizers you need to do your homework because overfertilizing (and overwatering) is one of the quickest ways to deform your plant. A good rule of thumb when it comes to inorganic fertilizers like nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium is that less is more.


Watering is pretty easy. Check the soil daily and when the top three inches get dry rewater the plant. It’s simple but a lot of people go overboard with the water and end up waterboarding their plants to death. Soil should be moist, it should NOT look like soupy mud.

Think big, but start small: Don’t let practicality stifle your dream of having fields of magnificent, award-winning buds. But you eat an elephant like you eat anything else: One bite at a time. Start with one plant. Odds are that your first go will be less than perfect. You might also find out that you don’t even like growing your own weed. Minimize your spending in the beginning so you don’t feel trapped. If you have any interest in growing your own pot plants, seed + soil + water = all you really need to get started. Don’t worry about screwing it up, just take the first step.

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