lifestyle | 09.21.2018

Meet the Budtender: Sara Thompson of Native Roots Dispensary

Dan Larkin

Executive Producer/Host

As cannabis use grows increasingly common, for both medicinal  and adult use, the need for an expert, a guide, someone who knows what strain to use to what effect, how best to ingest, and how to navigate the often murky green waters, becomes increasingly necessary.

Like the bartender at your neighborhood watering hole, a budtender offers the first impression of a dispensary. The budtender is, more or less, the face of the dispensary and that impression is vital to the success of the business. If a budtender doesn't know his/her stuff, the patient or customer can, and will, simply go somewhere else.

In this edition of Meet The Budtender we get to know Sara Thompson from Native Roots Dispensary-South Denver. Sara started as a trimmer and over the last five years has worked her way up to dispensary manager. She knows her stuff  and shares some of her favorite products and some advice along the way as she talks about what makes Native Roots such a great dispensary.