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Puerto Rico's 8 Best Dispensaries

Dan Larkin

Executive Producer/Host

It’s relatively simple to get a green card on the small island of Puerto Rico, just east of the Dominican Republic. The country legalized medical marijuana in 2015 and is now home to numerous medical dispensaries and marijuana shops.

These are some of the best dispensaries that Puerto Rico has to offer:

Puerto Rico's 8 Best Dispensaries

Caribbean Green

Location: Carolina, Puerto Rico

Our first mention is Caribbean Green, a bright and professional dispensary just east of San Juan. They have over 50 strains to choose from including several Cannabis Cup winners. It's a beautiful, clean dispensary with helpful staff to find whatever it is you're looking for.

How to get to Carribbean Green

Caribbean Green’s website

Green Spirit Rx

Locations: Carolina, Fajardo, Dorado, Isla Verde, and San Juan

Probably the most well-known cannabis brand in Puerto Rico is Green Spirit Rx. With five different locations across the island, a Green Spirit dispensary is never out of reach.

Green Spirit Rx’s website

NextGen Pharma

Location: Tao Baja, Puerto Rico

NextGen Pharma has a vision that goes beyond marijuana. Don’t get me wrong - they are all about selling top-notch bud, but they truly believe in the healing power of cannabis and want to revolutionize the pharmaceutical industry. Hence their name?

How to get to NextGen Pharma

NextGen Pharma’s website

The Family Dispensary

Location: Bayamón, Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico’s first legal medical marijuana outfit after legalization was The Family Dispensary, located just south-east of San Juan. They carry a variety of products including buds, oils, and edibles, and place emphasis on a "family" feel as soon as you step inside.

How to get to The Family Dispensary

Farma Verde

Location: Bayamón, Puerto Rico

Farma Verde puts the “medical” in medical marijuana by keeping a doctor certified to give out green cards during all business hours. They make buying legal cannabis in Puerto Rico a cinch. They often have sales going on so check out their website for deals on your favorite strains.

How to get to Farma Verde

Farma Verde’s website

Frontiers Medical Cannabis and Wellness Center

Locations: Caguas and Humacao

Frontiers Wellness has two locations in Puerto Rico, one on the coast and one next to the El Yunque National Forest. Their website isn’t finished yet, but it does have a link to get 20% off your first purchase.

Frontiers Medical Cannabis and Wellness Center’s website

Bwell Healing Center

Locations: San Juan and Guaynabo

Bwell has buds, tinctures, oils, capsules, edibles, and lotions. They have vaporizers, oil pens, containers, and grinders. And you can get certified online or on special occasions at any one of their three centers, making things as simply as can be.

Bwell Healing Center’s website


Location: Rio Grande, Puerto Rico

Located in the town of Rio Grande, MARIMED is the perfect place to stop on your way from San Juan to El Yunque National Forest. Stop in to try some of their exclusive strains and enjoy the relaxed Puerto Rican vibe.

Caribbean-style Cannabis

Even though Puerto Rico is a U.S. Territory, they have a landscape and culture that is entirely their own. The United States is moving in the direction of legalization, and although Puerto Rico may not be at the forefront of that movement, it is still one of the better places to enjoy legal herb for those with conditions that require it.

If you’re heading to Puerto Rico, be sure to check out one, or all, of these great dispensaries.

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