lifestyle | 11.16.2018

The 4 Best Dispensaries in Jamaica

Adrian Daniel Schramm


When we think of Jamaica, images of Bob Marley and Rasta culture quickly come to mind. Cannabis is central to the spirituality of Rastafarians and is part of their sacramental ceremonies.

Despite Jamaica’s role in the development of Rastafarianism, the use of marijuana is still not fully legal there. However, in 2015 it was decriminalized and individuals with less than two ounces face a meager $5 fine.

So if you’re heading to Jamaica and looking to buy some herb, check out these dispensaries.

**As with our article on America’s best dispensaries, the criteria will be product selection, quality, consistency, cleanliness, knowledgeability of budtenders, and unique personality and aesthetic.

Epican Jamaica

Location: Kingston, Jamaica

Setting the standard for deluxe marijuana establishments in Kingston is Epican Jamaica. The place screams quality from the minute you open the doors. The aesthetic is modern yet relaxing and they have an abundance of knowledgeable budtenders staffing the joint (pun intended).

Check out Epican on Google for more information.

Island Strains Herb House

Location: Montego Bay, Jamaica

Island Strains Herb House sources its bud 100 percent local from seed to sale. This shop is located right on the ocean in Montego Bay and features a deck with stunning seaside views. There are two medical professionals on site at all times to advise you on your choices and a smoker’s room to kick back and enjoy your purchase.

Check out their website or follow @islandstrains on Instagram.

Kaya Herb House

Location: Ocho Rios, Jamaica

A little over an hour’s drive from Kingston is a town called Ocho Rios, home to Jamaica’s first medical marijuana dispensary (or so they say). Kaya covers all the bases -- the space is clean and comfortable, the staff are knowledgeable, and they have great locally grown strains. Plus it’s about to get even better -- they plan to offer tours of their farm in the near future.

Check out Kaya on Google for more information.

Hotbox Bud and Breakfast

Location: St. Ann, Jamaica

With a clever play on words like bud and breakfast I’m already sold. But wait until you hear about what they have to offer. Hotbox is a private beachside property set on an acre of land filled with fruit trees, hammocks, and chill spaces. You could say it’s a “kushy” lifestyle (their pun, not mine).

Although Hotbox Jamaica isn’t technically a dispensary (they are a cannabis lounge) we included it on the list because they offer many of the same services as a dispensary, including a full-time herb specialist, tours of cannabis farms, and opportunities to sample premium ganja.

Check out Hotbox Bud and Breakfast’s website to book your stay.

Rasta, Reggae, and Marijuana

With a rich history, proud culture, and great food, Jamaica has much more to offer the world than dreadlocks, reggae, and weed - but if you happen to find yourself in the country, it would be a shame not to visit one of these premium dispensaries.

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